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Feel free to contact us for a first consult to discuss your research needs. After that we will send you a quotation and the turnaround time.

  • Samples should be delivered at our reception together with the corresponding GSM request form.
  • Please see sample conditions on the form and also remember to submit the form electronically.
  • For project samples, a request form with GSM  project number will be send to you by project coördinator.
Sample delivery address

Maastricht UMC+
Laboratorium Klinische Genetica
P. Debyelaan 25
6229 HX Maastricht

Follow route 14 to Noordgebouw. You find the reception (Monsterontvangst) at level 2 or use 'buizenpost' station 15 if you work at MUMC+

On working days: 08.30 AM - 04.00 PM

Project procedure
  1. Contact us to discuss your research needs.
  2. GSM will plan an intake.
  3. During intake, logistics workflow and project agreement will be discussed in detail.
  4. Project will be discussed and approved internally with GSM teams.
  5. Lab experts are informed.
  6. After intake, project form consists of project number, budget holder name and number, agreements, logistics, price quotation and GSM-customer approval will be made.
  7. GSM project number is made and form is sent to you to sign.
Workflow Genome Services Maastricht UMC+
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Genome Services Maastricht UMC+
PO Box 5800
6202 AZ Maastricht
T: (+31) (0)43 3871272 / 3871273


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