Below you may find the answers to frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you could not find the answer to your question. 

  • Your research needs will be discussed during an intake with the coordinator of Genome Services Maastricht UMC+. Your project details will be written down in the project form including your unique project number, logistics, quotation and agreements.  With all the information collected, Genome Services Maastricht UMC+ can offer the best services for your project and customize to your wishes.

  • In case of a new project, Genome Services Maastricht UMC+ sends you the request form after all the project details have been discussed and the project form is signed by the customer/budget holder. You can use the form for all your samples that belong to this specific project (GSM number).

  • In general, you can deliver your samples at our reception on working days between 08.30 AM and 04.00 PM. 

    The delivery conditions will be discussed during your intake meeting (project). Depending on the Genome Services Maastricht UMC+ activity, there will be specific delivery conditions (i.e. cell isolations). These will also be mentioned on the project form.

  • Yes, your samples need to be labeled with a Genome Services Maastricht UMC+ code (stickers provided by us) or a patient code. We do not accept samples with patient names. 

  • By use of Genome Services Maastricht UMC+ codes our staff can easily recognize and track your samples during the lab flow. Your sample names will always start with the corresponding project number. Sample changes can be easily avoided between different projects.

  • Your project cost depends on a number of project specific factors. Please send an email to gsm@mumc.nl with as much as project details possible. We will answer your email  and/or arrange an intake meeting (on site/online) to gain more information. The project coordinator will make a quote specific for your research needs. 

  • The TAT differs from project to project. An estimation will be made before the start of the project. Diagnostic activities take precedence over research in our laboratory. The planning will always be discussed with our technicians before start.

  • We will contact you as soon as the project is ready. You can collect your final product at our reception. The original material can also be returned (if mentioned on the project form). Samples/data will be removed after 3 months of activity. In case we need to store your samples/data specifically for a longer time, an additional cost will be charged.

  • For MUMC+ in-house studies, we often collaborate with the central Biobank Maastricht UMC+ for the delivery and storage of materials. (sample prep and QC studies). Biobank MUMC+ sends your material to our reception after pre-analytical sample handling. When finished, the isolated material (cells, DNA, RNA, etc.) will be stored long-time at the biobank. 

    Before the project can start, the customer should contact the biobank at biobank-maastricht@biobank.nl to create a biobank study number and discuss the project details (Biobank SOP). Both Genome Services Maastricht UMC+ and Biobank Maastricht UMC+ forms need to be signed by the customer before samples can be send to us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you could not find your answer here.


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