Genetics Retreat NVHG graduate meeting

Sponsoring the Genetics Retreat NVHG graduate meeting

Maximize your branding and share your company story by sponsoring the Genetics Retreat – NVHG graduate meeting. Meet the participants and introduce them to your equipment, apparatus, devices and consumables. Become part of this ever expanding family, because for since its start in 1990, the Genetics Retreat has been the leading meeting event in genetics for PhD students and their supervisors.

Good, Better, Best

Are you interested to use our platform? There are three sponsor options available: 'Good', 'Better' or 'Best'. Contact Judith Maszewski, conference assistant about your choice. She will take care of the necessary arrangements and will be your contact in the build-up to the meeting. The average number of participants (PhD students, postdocs, PI's) is 70. Please note that there is a maximum of 10 booths in total.
T: (+31) (0)43 3875899

Option 'Good' € 200,-- (excl. VAT)

  • Flyers and goodies with your company logo (note pads, pens or other give aways) will be distributed during the meeting.
  • Display of your company logo in mailings (to > 1200 contacts), on our website and during the meeting.
  • Showing your commercial video (max. 1 minute) at the beginning of a lecture session. 

Option 'Better' € 850,-- (excl. VAT)

  • Ditto option 'Good'.
  • A spot for your booth (3 x 2 meters) in the spacious Foyer or Room 4. A table (160 x 80 cm) and chairs will be provided. 
  • Optimal exposure and interaction with academic participants during the coffee and lunch breaks. 
  • Free meals for 2 exhibitors. 
  • Exhibitors are allowed to attend the scientific lectures. 
  • See our checklist to get well prepared.

Option 'Best' € 1.000,-- (excl. VAT)

  • Ditto option 'Better'. 
  • Elevator pitch (1 - 2 min). Do not give a sales talk but share your passion. We welcome a playful pitch (which may last 5 - 6 min) during one of the breaks. These kind of pitches will be remembered for a long time. Feel free to express yourself in a creative, appealing way, without using a beamer. We provide a microphone. 

Past experiences of sponsors

QiagenQIAGEN"The Genetics Retreat gives the participants the opportunity to show themselves and to be self confident. Being part of this event and journey is an inspirational experience." 
Cathleen and Kate, QIAGEN

"Of course we hope that our presence will conclude a sale but strengthening the ties is also important for us."

"For our firm it is important that we are visible on such occasions. We value recognition and brand awareness."

"The Genetics Retreat is a pleasant meeting. Not too massive. In an informal setting there are a lot of opportunities to get in contact with the participants and their supervisors."