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Genetics Retreat NVHG graduate meeting

Keynote speakers since 2000

Each Genetics Retreat - NVHG graduate meeting features a keynote address by a renowned scientist known for his/her groundbreaking research in the broader research areas relevant to human genetics and disease. During and following the keynote address, there is ample opportunity to interact with the keynote speaker. Each NVHG keynote address is concluded with a social evening in one of the ancient distinctive arched cellars of the Augustinian abbey. This setting offers excellent opportunity for further discussion and networking.

  • 2019: Prof. Thierry Voet (KU Leuven), 'Single-cell multi-omics to study DNA mutation, genetic heterogeneity and disease'
  • 2018: Prof. Cisca Wijmenga (UMC Groningen), 'We and our small friends: ins and outs of gut microbiome'
  • 2017: Nick Loman, PhD (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom), 'Introducing the portable nanopore single molecule sequencing revolution'
  • 2016: Prof. Miikka Vikkula, MD, PhD (University of Louvain, Belgium),'Vascular malformations: from examples of human genetic mosaicism towards clinical trials'
  • 2015: Prof. Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard (Tübingen/Germany) 'The development of colour patterns in fishes. Towards an understanding of the evolution of beauty'
    Prof. Johan Braeckman (Gent, Belgium) 'Why people are extremely gullible'
  • 2014: Thijn Brummelkamp, PhD (Amsterdam/Vienna) 'Haploid genetics in human cells unravels portals for pathogens'
  • 2013: Prof. Michael Snyder (San Francisco, USA) 'Adventures in personal genomics and whole omics profiling'
  • 2012: Prof. Johannes Krause (Tübingen, Germany) 'Learning about human population history from ancient and modern genomes'
  • 2011: Prof. Joe Nadeau (Seattle, USA) 'Transgenerational genetic effects on phenotypic variation'
  • 2010: Prof. Allan Balmain (San Francisco, USA) 'Systems genetics analysis of cancer suspectibility: from mouse model to humans'
  • 2009: Prof. Edith Heard (Paris, France) 'X-chromosome inactivation: a paradigm for monoallellic gene expression and epigenetics'
  • 2008: Prof. Stylianos E. Antonarakis (Geneva, Switzerland) 'The mystery of conserved non-coding sequences'
  • 2007: Prof. Marcus Pembrey (London, United Kingdom) 'Male-line, transgenerational responses in humans – is the Y-chromosome involved?'
  • 2006: Prof. Roel van Driel (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) 'Where do we go to in the nucleus?'
  • 2005: Prof. Jürgen Brosius (Münster, Germany) 'Echoes from the past – are we still in an RNP world?'
  • 2004: Prof. Brian Hendrich (Edinburgh, Scotland) 'Early development, stem cells and epigenetics'
  • 2003: Prof. Stephan Beck (Cambridge, United Kingdom) 'From Genomics to Epigenomics'
  • 2002: Prof. Michel Georges (Liège, Belgium) 'QTL-analysis'
  • 2001: Prof. Gert Vriend (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) 'Genomics and bioinformatics'
  • 2000: Prof. Doug Fambrough (Boston, USA) 'Using DNA microarrays to dissect biological problems'
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