At Genome Services Maastricht UMC+, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art transcriptomics services from poly-A enriched messenger RNA sequencing to small RNA enriched microRNA sequencing to specific transcript enrichment targeted RNA sequencing. To ensure our service’s quality, techniques used in our lab are accredited. We have a team of experts that could help you with your project. Our goal is to provide our customer a successful project. 


Our workflow for RNA sequencing starts with the customer supplying total RNA, the amount depending on the protocol of choice. In our workflow we have several quality checks. When the samples pass the quality criteria, library preperation is performed. Subsequently, the quality of the library is again checked using the bioanalyzer. The passed samples are being sequenced on a Illumina sequencer (NovaSeq or NextSeq). Further quality checks are performed on the raw data from the sequencer, i.e. sufficient depth, and alignment performance, i.e. percentage of reads aligning to the reference genome. After all quality checks passed, the samples are used in the analysis, i.e. expression or isoform profiling.

  • Our mRNA sequencing service offers insight in the messenger RNA landscape. It identifies almost all changes in mRNA and non-coding RNA transcripts with a poly-A tail. Depending on your wish, our bioinformatics team could offer you annotated expression data. We also have experts that could help you with data interpretation.

  • While mRNA sequencing focuses on poly-A RNA transcripts, microRNA sequencing will reveal the regulatory group of small RNA transcripts (~20-25nt in length), containing microRNAs. Raw data will be delivered together with expression profiles of microRNAs. Moreover, if you wish, our bioinformatics team is happy to help you with data annotation and interpretation.

  • In our diagnostic workflow we have the NF1 gene of which all transcripts (exon and intron) are enriched and analyzed for aberrant splicing. If you have another gene of interest and there is an enrichment kit available we could offer the this service also, together with bioinformatic analyses.

    Please contact us for more the possibilities.

Equipment available
  • Illumina NextSeq
  • Illumina NovaSeq
  • PacBio Sequel I and II
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We are pleased to be a part of your research project. When you are planning experiment relating to transcriptomics, feel free to contact us and start discussing your transcriptomics project with our experts.

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