At Genome Services Maastricht UMC+ we offer a wide range of the latest state-of-the-art metabolomics services to analyze the large number of metabolites that are present in biological tissues. We combine state-of-the art mass spectrometry (MS) equipment with bio-informatic tools and specialist knowledge for metabolomic and fluxomic (in development) studies.

We can perform targeted as well as untargeted (in development) metabolite analysis on a variety of biological tissues, specifically plasma, urine, CSF and cell extractions. The list of equipment and metabolite groups can be found below. Analyses can be performed for diagnostic or research purposes.

A list of metabolites and enzymes included is available on request.

  • Quantitative analysis of amino acids, organic acids, purines & pyrimidines, sugars and sugaralcohols, acylcarnitines, neurotransmitters, nucleotides. Analysis can be performed on plasma, urine, CSF and cell extractions. For each metabolite group we can quantify all the compounds in our accredited diagnostic protocol or we can define a specific list of metabolites that suits your project.

  • Urine profiling with UHPLC-Q-TOF-MS/MS (untargeted metabolic profiling with UHPLC-Q-TOF-MS/MS in development). This semi-quantitative method offers you a profile view of the biomarkers in your urine samples. Our team of metabolic and bioinformatic experts can help you with the interpretation.

  • Enzyme activity assays for many enzymes in purine, pyrimidine and galactose metabolism. Moreover, we can analyze enzymes involved in haemolytic anaemia. For most assays we need whole blood. Some assays can also be performed on material from zebrafish.

  • Fluxomics analysis on extracts from fibroblast cell culture is in development. Special interest in pyrimidine and purine metabolism and linked metabolic pathways. When your patient has a molecular defect (known or VUS) in pyrimidine or purine metabolism the functional effect is mostly unknown. We can offer functional analysis of the fibroblasts of your patient. 

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Metabolomics at Genome Services Maastricht UMC+
Laura Steinbusch, PhD

We are pleased to be a part of your research project. When you are planning experiment relating to metabolomics, feel free to contact us and start discussing your metabolomics project with our experts.

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