Genome Services MUMC+


We offer state of the art genomics analysis using Next Generation Sequencing for whole genome (WGS), whole exome (WES) and targeting sequencing. Long-read sequencing technology is available to improve mapping, and PCR-free technology to reduce errors. Furthermore, established technologies are also available to investigate the genome, such as Sanger DNA sequencing, fragment analysis and micro-array.

Genome Services MUMC+Wanwisa van Dijk, PhDService 

  • Next Generation Sequencing (WES, WGS and targeting sequencing)
  • Long read genome sequencing (PCR-free)
  • High resolution of structural variants using optical mapping
  • Sanger DNA sequencing and fragment analysis

Equipment available

  • Illumina NextSeq and NovaSeq
  • PacBio Sequel I and II
  • BioNano Genomics Saphire


When planning an experiment involving genomics, feel free to contact us for an initial consult.  

Wanwisa van Dijk, PhD