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Genome Services Maastricht UMC+

Sample preparation and quality control

Genome Services Maastricht UMC+ offers a wide range of tools and methods to prepare your samples for your (future) genome analysis. Starting material of good quality is a prerequisite to obtain good project results.

Our lab uses validated methods (automated and manual) for DNA isolation out of different types of source materials (blood, buffy coats, swabs, saliva, small tissues, etc). The DNA yield is measured using  the Spectramax or Nanodrop and DNA degradation can be checked by gel electrophoresis. RNA isolations are done manually followed by a QC step on the bioanalyzer.

Our cell culture lab performs PBMC isolation for multiple research studies. The validated protocol guarantees a high-quality product for your further downstream applications. The PBMCs will be counted before they are stored.

For MUMC+ in-house studies, we often collaborate with the central biobank of MUMC+ for the delivery and storage of materials.


  • (Automated) DNA/RNA isolation
  • Liquid handling
  • Cell culture and PBMC isolation
  • Bioanalyzer (DNA and RNA)

Equipment available

  • QiaSymphony
  • Hamilton Microlab STAR
  • Spectramax, Nanodrop and Qubit
  • Gel electrophoresis
  • Bioanalyzer
Servicefaciliteit Genome Services Maastricht
Sigrun Jackmaert and technician Janice

When planning an experiment involving sample preparation, or any services mentioned above, feel free to contact us for an initial consult.

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