Abstract guidelines

Follow these 3 easy steps to submit an abstract for the Genetics Retreat 2023. We can accommodate 25 abstracts for an oral presentation. Submit your abstract before 29 March 2023 in the second screen of the online registration form. The abstract submitters will be informed by email before 10 April 2023.
  1. Build up your abstract like the format below and follow the guidelines.
  2. Save it as a Word file on your computer.
  3. Register online and upload your Word file in the second screen.

Registration will open soon. Leave your email address and we keep you posted. 

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Abstract guidelines
  • Submit your abstract before 29 March 2023.
  • You can only submit an abstract during online registration.
  • In case your abstract will not be selected for an oral presentation and you like to cancel your registration, please contact the conference assistant. 
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English. 
  • Please do not use tables, images or graphics. 
  • Please use only standard abbreviations. If necessary, please place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full word appears for the first time.
  • Please state your name and email address at the bottom of the abstract. 
  • State also at the bottom of the abstract in keywords the topic(s) your abstract is about. 
Abstract format

Compose your abstract according to this format. Do not exceed the maximum number of characters.

  • Title of the abstract (max. 250 characters incl. interspace)
  • Introduction (max. 1500 characters incl. interspace)
  • Used methods (max. 1500 characters incl. interspace)
  • Results (max. 1500 characters incl. interspace)
  • Conclusions (max. 1500 characters incl. interspace)
  • Authors
  • Affiliations (including the cities and the countries)
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