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Genetics Retreat NVHG graduate meeting

The 30th edition of the Genetics Retreat - NVHG graduate meeting will be a three-day event in 2021. This annual meeting offers a unique and exclusive podium to PhD students and covers a broad range of scientific aspects, from genetic screens and variant discovery, to fundamental mechanistic exploration and experimental (epi)genetics.

The first meeting was held in 1990 (see: history of the meeting). Since 2015 the meeting is organized under the auspices of the Dutch Association for Human Genetics (NVHG).

Programme 2021

In honor of the 30th anniversary and upon participants’ request the first day of the meeting will comprise a series of workshops and masterclasses by experts in various fields. Topics range from big data integration and fore-front analytical biostatistics to non-coding variants to artificial intelligence in predictive modeling. The second and third day will feature two well-known keynote addresses on contemporary societal and academic issues and an insightful course in international granting opportunities for young scientists.

5 good reasons to attend

  1. Develop your presenting and debating skills in an informal but professional setting and receive useful feedback.
  2. Receive updates on forefront research in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  3. Be inspired by a top-notch speaker during the NVHG-keynote lecture.
  4. Expand your professional network and discuss research projects among peers, with principal investigators and keynote speakers. 
  5. Awards for the three best oral graduate presentations (see: overview former prize winners). The best oral graduate presentation will also be invited by NVHG to give a presentation during the NVHG annual meeting. Registration for the NVHG meeting, hotel room and dinner are offered too. 

For whom?

PhD students, (junior) postdocs, PI's, MD's (trainees) and all other scientists (including master students) from universities, clinical institutions and research centres in the Netherlands and neighboring countries. Take a look at the travel grant guidelines for PhD students with abstract and for master students.

What participants say

  • “The organizing team gave the whole programme a personal touch - highly entertaining, yet professional and everyone stayed well-informed."
  • “All PhD talks were diverse and of high quality!"
  • “Absolutely fantastic keynote lectures."
  • “Feedback on presentation performance was excellently organized and very useful."
  • “The pitches by biotech companies gave the companies the publicity they deserve."
  • “Fantastic meeting: really nice venue for such an event, food and drinks were great."

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