Sponsoring the Genetics Retreat NVHG graduate meeting

Checklist for exhibitors


  • The conference assistant will be present one hour before the meeting starts. She will welcome the exhibitors and show them around.
  • Exhibitors who like to start earlier setting up their booth, can ask the reception of the conference centre to open up the rooms (first come, first served). Please spread the booths over the room. It is all about your personal presentation, not the location of your booth! We welcome creative solutions to attract participants to your products.
  • Exhibitors can unload their stand gear at the back of the conference centre. After unloading they can park their car.
  • Exhibitors who like to send their stand gear by a courier service, please inform the conference centre in advance.
    Send your stand gear maximum two days before the meeting to prevent that the conference centre has to take care of long-term storage. 
    Make sure that the parcel with your stand gear has your company name and a note 'Please store in the meeting room of the Genetics Retreat' on it.
  • We recommend to bring an electrical extension cord along.
  • Exhibitors are advised to bring along their own badge (with their name and company logo).

Meals and rooms

  • The meals in the conference centre will be offered for free (to a maximum of two exhibitors). 
  • During the day there is free use of coffee, tea and cold water.
  • You can book a room in the conference centre by yourself. State that you are a sponsor of the Genetics Retreat and take advantage of a discount.

Pitch (playful versus commercial)

  • In case you have opted for a pitch please be aware that we welcome playful pitches (5 - 6 min) during the coffee breaks, which will be remembered for a long time.
  • Feel free to express yourself in a creative, appealing way, without using a beamer.
  • We will provide a hand microphone.
  • If you do need a beamer, please bring one along. You can beam on the wall.
  • A commercial pitch must be performed as an elevator pitch (1 - 2 min).

General information

  • The programme will be published on our website.
  • The average number of participants is 70.
  • The conference centre has free internet access.
  • It is the exhibitors allowed to attend the scientific lectures.
  • Exhibitors can interact with participants until the last coffee break on Friday. After that they can clear their booth.
  • Exhibitors are invited to the lunch, award ceremony and fotoshoot on Friday at the end of the programme.


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