Looking back on a wonderful Genetics Retreat 2022

The organizers of the Genetics Retreat 2022, which took place in Bruges are looking back on a successful meeting.

The organizers of the Genetics Retreat 2022 in Bruges thank all participants, speakers, moderators and jurors for their excellent and valuable contributions. A special word of thanks to prof. Musa Mhlanga, the honorary guest speaker, for his inspirational keynote lecture. Arvid Suls, organizer of the joint meeting BeSHG and NVHG took care of an interesting genetics event. Many of the Genetics Retreat participants stayed 2 days longer to join that event and to meet new people in the same work field. 

Jubilee meeting in 2023

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A big hurray for the prize winners

Three cheers for the prize winners for their excellent oral presentations: 

  1. Renee Salz, Radboudumc Nijmegen
  2. Britt Delnoy, Maastricht University, Galactosomia research group Maastricht
  3. Daphne Smits, Erasmus MC Rotterdam
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